Passage series

Passage series


A variable series of five by Robin Price, with drawing, painting, extensive collage, monoprint and letterpress printing. Each one suggests the simultaneity of macrocosm and microcosm experience, and honors our planet and the universe in which it exists. The printed text, placed toward the bottom of the second and fourth panels, is a couplet of verse by Elise Turcotte, as interpreted by Adrienne Rich:

Many years have gone by / until this moment.

The last two in the series (#4 and #5) have additional text passages added by hand, using collage. 

Bound by bookbinder Mark Tomlinson.

Opens to 19.25" x 51.75"; three of the five were realized as accordions housed in a slipcase. The other two were assembled into framed works. 2015-2017

#5 can be seen at The Library of Congress Rare Book and Special Collections. The others are in private collections. 

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