[Deluxe edition] 43, According to Robin Price, with Annotated Bibliography

[Deluxe edition] 43, According to Robin Price, with Annotated Bibliography


With the book 43, According to Robin Price, with Annotated Bibliography, the press offers a deluxe edition for the first time. The adventure provided an opportunity to expand upon some of the concepts within the standard edition and to have a close collaboration with Daniel E. Kelm, the illustrious Chief Mechanic & Alchemist of the Wide Awake Garage. Themes of systems, pathways, and order are paralleled with chaos and the unknown; meaning is conveyed through movement, visuals, and objects, in contrast to the text-laden book. See more information below.


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The fundamental difference between the two editions is the elaborate container housing the deluxe. A tumbling motion occurs when one opens the case, mimicking the river that visually flows through the text pages. Along the way, one encounters a compass, fractal patterns and labyrinths, and a large-scale grid that echoes the maps inside. A unique collage of various map tidbits is recessed on the cover. The goatskin leather exterior vibrates with two intensely-colored greens and a painted turquoise river. Techniques used to work the leather include sandblasting, hand painting, die stamping, and recessed & open windows.


Wrapping the cover boards is St. Armand handmade paper that is printed, painted, and foil-stamped in a pattern based on prime numbers. Within the map accordion for the book, the deluxe offers several rare maps. The colophon, with revised text and an additional color, features press-numbering from D43.1 to D43.12; these edition numbers are also printed within the case.


One dozen (because 4 x 3 = 12) copies of 43 are offered in deluxe format. As of February 2018, edition numbers 7 and 8 are available. When fully open, the case lies flat to a 40-inch-wide expanse. The height is 27.5 inches where top and bottom flaps occur. Please refer to the standard edition for general description and additional details common to both. 

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