Incidental Directions

Incidental Directions


A collaborative artist's book by M. Jordan Tierney and Robin Price, inspired by gameboards and the kind of wallet-like pouches formerly used to hold significant documents. With a narrow palette of language and form we were seeking to make an object that feels like a handy something kept in the glove compartment of one's car, at the ready for quick consultation. Atop original gouache paintings by Tierney, a yellow meandering pathway covers one side of the fold-out. Seven circular nodes along the way include excerpts from The Oxford History of Board Games, printed in Standard Gothic type. Opposing texts printed in Perpetua on the bright orange verso are from a Dictionary of Energy. The fold-out rests within a printed and painted Murillo brown paper enclosure, with a tab and slit. Printed letterpress in seven colors. Signed by Tierney and Price. Few copies remain.

12.5 x 4.75 inches, opens to 23 inches wide; five double-sided panels unfold from case; 
edition of 30 plus 4 artist's proofs; 2010

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Baltimore-based Jordan Tierney came to the studio for a three day pow-wow in May 2010 and we began making the collaborative artist's book whose real title eluded us for months. Here she is in the process of making original gouache paintings for each book:

Onto those sheets I printed a meandering pathway in bright yellow, using the technique of pressure printing:

Some yellow-orange circles ensued . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . registering those polymer plates was entertaining:

Then began my bright orange-red period:

and perhaps the most complex type lock-up I've ever done:

The last press run:

and the beginning of binding -- cutting out the necessary size of dry mount film for each of the 30 copies.

Here's a photo I took of Jordan's studio in Baltimore on 12 November, with some work in progress for a January solo exhibition. I came with Incidental Directions colophons for us to sign, and a handful of final questions to consider together, in person.

Here’s what happened to those white bras: