Sing to the Moon

Sing to the Moon


Composer and vocalist Laura Mvula’s glowing refrain in her song “Sing to the Moon” (title track of 2013 debut album) inspired this exploration of sound typography and image.

Designed and printed February 2017 by Robin Price, with much assistance from Anne Thompson. Edition of 160, of which 95 are available for sale, plus ten handwritten variants (V1-V10). 

Metal typefaces include 72 pt Felix Titling, 60 ptD Aurora Grotesk Condensed, 36 & 16 pt Manuscript, 12 pt lg Palatino small caps, with wood type 24-line Foster, a linoleum cut (solid circle), brass rule, and a polymer plate of a 2004 rubbing from a temple in Kyoto, initially printed in the deluxe edition of the 2009 RP press book 43. The background layer is a portion of Keiji Shinohara’s 12½ in square woodcut, originally carved for the 1998 RP press book Ravaged with Joy. Printed letterpress on acid free paper. 6½ x 10-11/16 inches.

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