Folded Meditation

Folded Meditation


An entirely handmade artist book on the theme of attention, an increasingly endangered skill in the 21st century. In approach, physical creation, and textual content, the work honors slow time, contemplation, and attunement with all that is earthly and sacred. There are three sequential parts of the process : original word painting, large spiral drawing, and hand-written excerpted texts, each undertaken as a personal meditation intended to share with and inspire others. Each version in the series is unique, produced slowly over time.  

Authors excerpted tentatively include: David Abram, Sven Birkerts, Lama Surya Das, Tim Ingold, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Mary Oliver, M.C. Richards, Danielle Vogel. Others will be added. Each excerpt will be identified by author, using a simple code.

An excerpt from the beginning of Danielle Vogel’s Between Grammars: “The book rearranges itself in your life. / To have it. A dwelling. That one is at / once within and without.”

The single-sheet folded structure is made of a rich purple Japanese handmade paper that opens flat and folds to eight pages. On one side, a gouache and acrylic painting; on the other, a spiral-shaped graphite drawing, with handwriting in pen and colored pencil. Folds to 12.5 x 8.5inches. Housed in yellow ochre cloth folder with shaped top cover, echoing the altered arch-shape of the paper when open flat. Printed colophon appears within folder. Hand bound by Lisa Hersey in Easthampton, Massachusetts. Issued in a series limited to 15 examples.

Payment terms: 1/2 is pre-paid, with order. Institutions please inquire.

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