Witnessing Ecology: the agave plant book

Witnessing Ecology: the agave plant book


Spring 2019 Pre-publication discount $7000

An artist book-sculpture honoring the form of the agave plant and addressing the impact of human-induced climate change on Earth’s ecological systems. Handwritten excerpts from Alan AtKisson, Rachel Carson, Donna Haraway, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Wangari Maathi, Donella Meadows, Val Plumwood, Terry Tempest Williams, Christa Wolf, others. 

18 individually formed beeswax-dipped movable paper “leaves” with structure mounted into a ceramic vase. Housed in a custom hexagonal-shaped box by Daniel E. Kelm, who also engineered the plant structure. Approximate box dimensions: 21” H x 16” diameter. Edition size: 10.

Payment terms: 1/2 is pre-paid, with order. Institutions please inquire.

Five percent of sales will be donated to 350.org 

This series grew from the original 2016 book object Witnessing a Dire Future: Cassandra, Rachel Carson, and our Contemporaries, created for the University of Washington’s “Just One Look” exhibition, seen here in the latter images, with maroon-colored base.

"The most alarming of all man's assaults upon the environment is the contamination of air, earth, rivers, and sea with dangerous and even lethal materials," wrote Rachel Carson in 1962. Witnessing is a cautionary tale, freighted with socio-political and environmental consequences. Yet the metaphor of the agave is hopeful, for it survives in even the most inhospitable conditions. – paraphrased from the 2016 University of Washington's Just One Look exhibition catalog. 

28 movable "leaves"; each leaf 14.25 x 7 inches; diameter 20 x height 15 inches. 2016

Collection: University of Washington Libraries Special Collections (Seattle)

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